Embrace New Day, New Life and New Beginning. Yay ~!

Today is the mark of my new journey. After 3 years working in big MNC company with comfortable working life, I have decided to leave and focus my time and effort to pursue what I want to do. While I’m still young and dont have any dependency, this is the perfect time for me to try my own thing ^_^. Yes, I’ll lose my good fixed income, but considering I’m buying my own time to try out, experience and explore new thing. Time is very valuable, once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. so, Take the risk! If you fail, you’ll become wiser and learn the mistake, if you success, you will be grateful and always laughing the day you remember you make this right decision for the rest of your life haha.. it’s win-win situation! Of course, dont just anyhow take any risk unprepared =)

Acquiring The Missing Piece, The Drawback of Goal Setting

Hey guys.. I met my friend who’s asking about my blog and it remind me to update this blog again. I have been really busy this past few months until I don’t have time to update my blog. There are SO many interesting thing I found & learn that I would like to share, especially about goal setting, Whoa.. I really shocked about the dangerous of goal setting that I learn about it recently, I really excited to share about it, you gotta keep reading it until finish.. really.. seriously, 5-10 minutes reading this post will help change your life, but before that, let me do update on my goal from my previous posting creating milestones toward big goal for those who’re wondering about the result. Well, my milestone last time was obtaining 5 figures income net/month from affiliate marketing. I couldn’t met that milestone on July, I can only manage to obtain 5 figure gross, but I’m pretty happy with the result, considering I’m only doing it part time and the net was pretty close though :) This past month I have tried to figure out how to solve this missing link toward my that big goal, I roughly know what need to be done, but a lot of work need to be done, perhaps I’ll try to outsource thing that can be outsourced.
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Creating a Lot of Milestones toward your Big Goal

Wow.. It’s been 3 months since my last post regarding setting up high goal and creating a lot of small milestones a long the way. I have been doing that in these 3 months and just want to update everyone that.. Thanks to God, somehow, miraclely and amazingly, it works!! Of course, it’s not just a matter of setting small milestones and it will automatically works by itself. I still have to work everyday at night after my daily job and at weekend, but it’s much much more easier. The feeling and motivation to reach the next milestones that you believe you can achieve , give you full confidence. And without I’m realizing it, I have already stepping out 5-6 milestones toward my big goal and I almost in the middle of it :) Last time, I never create this a lot of small milestones toward my goal, and I was only dreaming about my big goal, and as the result, no motivation, nothing happend, nothing achieved.

As I mention in my last post, I was involved in affiliate marketing though PPC, I love it. I can’t really expose everything in here.. but, my first milestone was what all the newbies want to achieve.. $100/day net :) Yesterday, I reached my biggest day ever, and suddently Google slaped my campaign with no reason :( I’m not sure why, I do not do funny funny thing and I do not promote scamming and spamming advertiser. Obstacle always happend a long the process, but I’m not giving up, I’ll find a new way to reach my big milestones for end of July.

Lastly, I can’t wait to attend Harv Eker’s seminar “Never Work Again” next week! Yeah.. the title sounds too good to be true hehe.. I guess this seminar is also about passive income and investment kind of thing. Thanks to my good friend who is giving his ticket to me. I’ll try to share what I learn from seminar later. So far I have been following his money management system by creating about 6 differents account. you can read his money management system here.

Nice Inspirational Video: The Interview with God

Check out this cool inspirational video that I found. I can’t get bored watching this video :-D

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Have you watched Fireproof? There are a lot of people who recommends me to watch Fireproof. Fireproof is an inspirational movie created by Sherwood Pictures. The same creator of Facing the Giants. They have successfully deliver a strong message again from the movie. I never expect to get responses on my articles about Facing the Giants, especially from their PR team. I just watched the movie last week and there is a great thing that I learn from the movie that I feel it would be great if I shared it in here.

Fireproof is a movie about a guy, Caleb, a veteran firefighter trying to save his own marriage from burning to the ground. His wife already pull the trigger to get the divorce, and he is also ready to let bullet hit him, but his father give him 40 days ‘Love Dare’ quest for him to save his marriage from burning down. Well, as expected, this movie is about love and relationship. There are 2 things from the movie that I feel worth to talk about :
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Howdy.. :)

Wow.. Hello again all.. It has been quite few months since I posted my last article, and this will be the first post in 2009 hehe.. :P From beginning I only shared articles related to personal development on how to become success, and none about my life. I’m thinking starting from now, I will post more often about my life in this blog, anyway it’s my personal blog :) I’m planing to share articles related to spiritual and relationship as well in here as I believe this aspect also contribute a great part on your success in your life.

Year 2008 has been a great year for me, thanks to God I had a chance to travel to France and Taiwan sponsored by my company for business trip :D I should have shared this 2008 thingies on 2009 old ‘n new, but I guess late is better than nothing. I love France, when I visited it, everything reminds me of US, from the type of trees in the street, city structure, the environment to the people. Well, this maybe just because I miss US so much and thanks to God again he knew I miss US and let me to have this great opportunity, not to consider I just join this company for 2 months only. Taiwan is also a wonderful country, I love it! Taipei is a modern and advanced city like Singapore, the only difference is Singapore is so hot! haha.. Taipei has 4 seasons in a year which make their scenery even more beautiful, and the other part that makes me love Taiwan is the people and their food! Their local people are so nice and friendly, especially to the foreigner. My mandarin is total crap, I speak mandarin using body language :P and regardless of that, they’re still willing to communicate and help me.
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Key To Success: Be Willing To Make More Mistake

Most of the successful person out there are normally those who is willing to make more mistake. Successful people are willing to risk making mistake, they don’t take mistake personally as in front to their self worth, instead, use it primarily for learning.

Here is the ultimate success formula: Action -> Feedback -> Correction

When you take action in this world, most of the time you’ll get feedback based on the action you took. From the feedback, sometimes you need to take correction of your action. Then you take action again and do the same cycle again until you become better. It’s this simple to become success but not so many people will follow this step. People will be stopped by their own stories on the feedback and correction. “Oh.. I’m not good enough..“, “I’m a failure“, “I shouldn’t doing this“, etc.

Successful people understand this simple concept and keep taking action get feedback and do correction. They don’t really have the whole story around it, they just do it. Only your own BS stopping you from taking action.

Most people want things to go very right, everything line up perfectly before they take action. Otherwise they will say “I don’t think this is for me“, “Oh.. this is too hard“, etc. You have to understand that correction is natural, in your business, money, relationship, personal development. How many people notice that “two steps forwards, one step back” is natural.

Talking about perfection, perfectionist will actually have hard time to become successful. Perfection is actually a form of fear: fear of failure, fear of disapproval, even fear of success. Often perfectionist have feeling of unworthiness behind that. They’re trying to feel what they don’t feel they have, trying to feel perfect means they don’t feel good enough. Here is the issue why perfectionist stuff doesn’t work, if the source/person take action, they do something and the source is not good enough, then everything they do is not good enough. If you’re a perfectionist that always feel not good enough, then everything you do will also not good enough. Not only what you do is not good enough, but everyone /everything around you is also not good enough. You can’t win this way.

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Your True Self Is Not Necessarily Who You Are Right Now

What? My true self is not necessarily who I’m right now? Yes, you got it right. For some people, who you are right now might be your true self, but most people, they don’t. First, let me introduce the term: True Self or Higher Self Vs False Self or Conditioning Mind.

One the most important thing that you can learn in your live is to differentiate between this two. The true self is your original self, who you came in to the world as. The false self basically is who you learn to be in this world in order to live and survive in the world. Since child, we learn who we are from various way and one way is from experience, and this way of being that we learn or created is called our personality (false self / ego self), this false self is an idea that you made up when you’re very little who you are and who you need to be in order to live and survive in this world.

Your personality is based on the need to survive, it’s not necessary to enjoy and thrive in the world.
Our way of thinking and being is based on conclusion in which the assumption is generated based on a child’s mind. Based on research, 90% of your personality is formed before 10 years old. Other than our assumption, we also got some conditioning from our family, friends, media, environment. But all of this stuff is NOT the real you. It’s only a recording of information that you learn from a child and it’s running unconsciously until now. It’s only recording that you learn as a child, and now it’s stored in the unconscious mind.

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The Millionaire Mind Intensive – Part 2

I just re-attend MMI again this year. It was a great way to refresh my memory and mind toward my money mindset, and most importantly, to finish this left behind part 2 that I want to complete. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, please go and read part 1 here about money management system before reading this part, so that you will understand some of the jars that I will talk about in here.

There are 4 different type of money personality. Money personality is the attitude of someone toward money. The way people do and see money in their life. Each money personality has their positive and negative character. Find out which one is yours and learn how to balance it below:

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Stop Trying To Please Everyone

It’s not uncommon a lot of people in this world trying to be someone they’re not, they even try to please other people just to get recognition, attention and approval. This is #1 misery people do in their life without reality and indeed this is the fastest route to unhappiness.

Instead of trying to get approval from others, you need to have your own self-approval by accepting yourself and your own heart. Accept that you’re unique and special. You shouldn’t concern too much what people think or thought around you. You should have this principal: If other people like you, it’s awesome. If other people don’t like you, you’re just fine.

I’m what I’m, and this is my evolution. what others perceive on me is their evolution” ~ Unknown.

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